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Structural Analysis Family Evaluation Certified and Supervisor Certified


Needing a professional evaluation completed of your home and do not know who can help? TCOPS provides professional efficient and thorough home studies completed by Licensed Clinical Social Workers.


Adoption can be both an emotional and sometimes intimidating process which requires professional expertise to assist in adoption practice, policy and law. By working independently, we are able to offer services in a more relaxed environment and will work diligently to be of support to your family.

Often referred to as a “family assessment”, the home study is a written report containing the findings of a Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW) and is required by law prior to consideration for adoption. The LCSW will meet with you and your family on several occasions in order to gain a better understanding of your family. The report addresses five main areas of the family: Personal History, Health, Criminal Background, Financial Statement, and Personal References. The final report will help the court determine if necessary qualifications have been met based on criteria established by state law.

Through interviews and assessments the following information will be obtained:

  • Health/Medical

  • Criminal Background

  • Education

  • Employment/Income

  • Home Safety

  • Support Network

  • References

  • Family Relationships and Daily Life

  • Parenting Practices

  • Spiritual Beliefs

  • How Prepared the Prospective Adoptive Parents Feel

Of course, we respect your privacy and will maintain discretion in handling the confidentiality of your information.

The adoption home study is a process, and the LCSW provides services beyond the procurement of the written report. The LCSW is also there to help the family meet the criteria for adoption and ensure a healthy transition for both the family and child. In fact, this transition is the most important role of the LCSW. Below are some of the other services we offer:

Orientation and Skills Training:

Skill building, as appropriate, will be provided to help the adoptive family members to prepare for transition and adjustments as they proceed with the adoption process. Many children also come with special needs that require special support and resources from the community.

Sessions during the adoption home study process help the family learn why advocacy is so crucial:

  • How to understand the grief, abandonment, and betrayal a child often feels

  • How to cope with a child’s needs

  • How to successfully assist your child through the transition period

  • How to deal with the issues that surround the adoption of a special needs child

  • How to prepare for the potential challenges that many adoptive parents face

  • What are the “Realities of Adoption”


Therapeutic Counseling:

Adopting a child is a major life decision and life change that comes with a lot of inherent stress. These issues are not limited to just the child or the parents, but affect the entire family and everyone else involved. It is often important to address these stressors before the child arrives. These issues can include:

  • Adopted Child – Loss of biological connections, friends, pets, school, former routines, etc.

  • Adoptive Parents – Grieving over the loss of hope for own biological child and/or adjusting to the new child

  • Siblings – Coping with a new sibling and the shared attention and affection of the parents

  • Birth Parents – Coping with the loss of own child and the process of letting go

In some cases, it is actually beneficial for everyone if the birth parents take an active role in the child’s new life with adoptive parents. It is always a pleasure when we have the opportunity to facilitate these types of arrangements. However, this is a delicate decision for the adoptive parents to make and must be agreeable to everyone. Sometimes it is clearly not appropriate for the birth parents to be involved.

Continued Support and Counseling

Once the child has arrived in the home, there may be new needs and adjustments to be addressed. We continue to offer support and answer any questions as is needed. We can also help to connect the family with other resources to ensure the success and happiness of their new life. These services are offered for not only the new adoptive family but in cases, for the family of origin.        **Contact us for Rates**

Structural Analysis Family Evaluation (SAFE) Certified

Structural Analysis Family Evaluation (SAFE) Supervisor

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